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Two Dogs

Hi Juliann, Just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for giving us our pupper (corgi cav) Maple.
I know it must be busy for you, but just wanted to let you know Maple has been so wonderful and so well mannered for a puppy.
We are so blessed to have her. I have attached some photos of how much she has grown since getting her!
I hope to one day get another corgi to keep her company.
Thank you once again



This email comes from Margaret at Batemans Bay.   We bought a puppy from you three months or so ago and I thought you would be interested to know how he is getting on.

I’m not a great photographer and had trouble getting the pics but wanted to give you an idea of how he is developing.   He is a mightily healthy little dog and is doing all the right things.   His boy bits are down and his baby teeth are coming out!   He was 10kg ten days ago and is probably a bit more now but there is no fat on him.   He eats well and  is growing steadily.   His legs are long and look as if there is more growth in them yet.

He is a very sweet natured puppy and is extremely loyal.   He is also a surprisingly good watchdog.   I guess he barks because he is a bit frightened but he never backs away from anything.   He’s a plucky little fellow.   He is completely house trained and that was not difficult but I am having recall trouble and have to put a bit of work into that.   He doesn’t wander but chooses not to listen when I call him.   He has already had a haircut because he felt the heat on the couple of very hot days we have had.   He goes to the beach every morning at 6.30 and meets up with friends there.   He drives them mad wanting to play but that will wear off.   He is the sweetest little dog.   It is so interesting watching him develop and, as I’m sure you can tell, I am absolutely thrilled with him.  He is worth all the effort - which is not inconsiderable!  

Thank you for bringing all this happiness into my life, particularly at the moment when everything is so unsettled.   I hope you and your family are well and that Covid is staying away from your region.

Margaret M


We purchased Holli from Juliann and Ken 3 month ago and what a treasure she is , so clever and a great companion ,she sits and shakes hands and high 5s , she loves our grand children and so social . Thanks to Juliann and Ken , from Vicki And Lawrie .

Vicki and Lawrie





Hi Juliann! Sharing some pics of little Rusty, he's a gorgeous boy and so well tempered!

Rusty's Mum


my son loves him



Thank you so much for this amazing addition to our family!

Rusty's mum


Coco is growing up.

Coco and Bailey's mum

PART_1598760270164001 (1).jpg

Coco and Bailey went swimming and had a bath after. Coco is growing fast... getting a big girl. 😀

Coco and Bailey's Mum


Thanks so much, I'm in love


Sarah Dawson.jpeg

Thanks for bringing our little boy so much joy with our beautiful Cavoodle puppy Benji. As you can see, even after  just a few days he has already settled in!

Sarah Dawson

Coco and Bailey out for a walk this morning. Coco is gaining her confidence...just takes time. She is a happy girl being with Bailey however. Thank u again for our little Coco. Xx



Winston growing up









Hi Julianne,
Betty weighing in at 740 grams 2 weeks ago.
She's a kilo now.
Thanks for a lovely pup. I'm amazed, from day 1, no crying at night in her 'deluxe crate' no anxiety when I leave her at home by herself. That's 2 (including Frida) perfect pups from you.
How do you make them so laid back!!!



Hi Juliann,
I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to message you and tell you how grateful the kids and I are to have our puppy Skye in our lives.
She has settled so well and with only 1 training session with a dog behaviourist we have learnt great techniques in training her. She is so smart and always eager to demonstrate her intelligence.
She is extremely social and loves getting out with humans and other dogs. Her best play mate is my mums pet lamb.
She waits at the door every morning to greet the daycare children as they arrive then again when my girls get home from school.
She is so spoilt and we take her with us everywhere.
She sleeps next to my bed every night and my youngest daughter (the one with the anxiety) is always putting her in her bed under the covers lol
She has an amazing temperament and is so loyal.
We thank you so much for giving us this wonderfully beautiful family member.

Holly S






Dear  Juliann and Ken,
Happy birthday  to "DARCY" born one year ago today , daughter  of Lucky & Timmy ! All ready for her  party,  and sends lots of Love  to her Mummy  & Daddy !!
Best Wishes,
Gladys  & Roy 
Gold Coast

Gladys and Roy


I just wanted to send you a photo of my dog, Zoe, who I got from you almost 14 years ago. My mum and I picked her up from the Hall markets in 2001, she was my 11th birthday present.

She was born on the 13th of August and, from what I remember, her parents were Lucky & Toby. She had 3 other siblings. I don't suppose you've heard from any of their owners over the years?

Zoe is still going strong and, to this day, we are frequently stopped by strangers who tell us what a beautiful dog she is. And she is! So thank you very much, we can't imagine life without her.

Romilly & Francesca

Judy arms, north Avoca NSW.jpg

"Upon making the decision about purchasing a new puppy for our family. I contacted Juliann at "Toy Puppies are us " and just new by speaking to Juliann, that I was doing the right thing and felt in my heart that I was purchasing my new pup from a person that really respects and loves her dogs. I actually went and visited her and was impressed by the evidence of her genuine passion she has for the dogs. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the follow-up phone call to see how we all were going. Her knowledge little hints gave light on some minor issues with training that when implemented were rectified. 
I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Juliann in the future and would recommend her to anyone 

  Judy Arms North Avoca NSW

karen woods.jpg

Here are some photos of our beautiful boy - we named him Mac and he is absolutely adorable!
The kids are in love, as are we, and we are all so excited that he is a part of our family!
I think he may have even converted a few of our non dog-loving friends because he is so cute!
Take care and thank you! 

  Karen Woods


We thought we should share you a picture of the pups that was born in the litter on 28th February 2014. Moodle pups.

On the right is Zeusoid, now weighing in at 11kg and his sister Diablo who is now 9kg. She has done amazinging well considering that she was the runt of the litter and so tiny. They have both been desexed when 6 months old, I don't know if this contributed to the size/weight? doesnt really us.

Zeusoid has the real poodle swagger and as Dave says Diablo has the maltese strut happening lol. Yes Diablo has lived up to her name and has given us a few OMG moments lol. One that comes to mind was one day we went out shopping for about a hour, came home and she had a massive black eye! We took her down to the vet as all around the eye was black, swollen and very tender.

We thought she had been stung by a bee or something. What we think had happened is that she was on the made chasing game with Zeusoid and went head first into the side of the doggy door! He does that too her.......baits her till she chases him. Then when he lets her catch him she has a growl that sounds like a Ewok from the Star Wars movie. It is so funny.

They both have quite loving personalities. Diablo is a real bed bug and sleeps on the bed all night.........Zeusoid at night makes sure we are in bed, then he will spend most of the night sleeping on the floor in the hallway just outside our door. Then about 3am he decides its time to come to bed..tap tap on the side of the bed, gets picked up and snuggles down between us till we get up for work at 4.30 am.

On the weekends I take them down to a local park and after we have done a walk around the park there is this big pond with lots of ducks, geese and swans that live there.......being poodles in they jump for a swim, then its home for a bath which they love.

We just wanted to let you know how they are both going almost a year later and share some pics of them. Thank you for the pups, they have really given Dave and myself so much pleasure and laughs over this last year

David F.

testimonial India.jpg

I promised that I would write to you and send you photos when I got big. Well, I'm big now, I'm already 1 year old. I hope you remember me, I was born on 5 December 2008 and was picked up from the Hall markets in Feb 2009. 
As you can see, Im still a very pretty girl with a cheeky little face and I still lie on my back whenever anyone comes near me so I can get a little tummy scratch. I am very active, still a little mischievous but well behaved most of the time. I'm very smart and can do lots of tricks like 'high five' and I can dance too. 

My Mum and Dad are really good to me, we have a big yard to play in, lots of toys, great food, fresh bones to chew and we go for walks all of the time. I hope all is well there and that my real Mum doesn't miss me too much, tell her not to worry because Im very happy here. Thank you for giving me to such a great family who love me very much. 

Love from India

Sarah Dawson.jpeg 2.JPG

Thanks for bringing our little boy so much joy with our beautiful Cavoodle puppy Benji. As you can see, even after  just a few days he has already settled in! (Sarah had such beautiful photos we had to post both)

Sarah Dawson

testimonial_6 Elisha.jpg

Hi Juliann, 
Just a few pictures of Mia for you, she is absolutely gorgeous, and doing very well! 
Thanks again and talk to you soon. 


testimonial_7 Ann & Rob McGregor, The Happy Wanderers, Sunshine Coast QLD.jpg

Hi Juliann, 
We thought you might like a couple of photos of Rosie now that she is 6 months old. We are out in the outback and heading for Darwin. She loves living in the caravan and travelling in the car. She is very obedient and learns new things very quickly. She has become very much a part of our little travelling family and she loves all other animals. 

Ann & Rob McGregor, "The Happy Wanderers", Sunshine Coast QLD

testimonial_5Charmaine and steve.jpg

Just forwarding on some photos of 'Harvey' for you. We have had a lovely Christmas with him and have just returned from a holiday with him up at Hervey Bay. We took him with us to the beach every day and he enjoyed some swimming and exploring in the sand and meeting other dogs of every size! He is doing really well. Our boys just love him.

Charmaine & John Stevens

Amy & Jai 2013[83707].jpg

Just an update on ‘Amy’ (Born 20/06/2013 - Labradoodle) who we purchased from you in September this year. She is just over six months old now and doing really well. She is just amazing, she graduated from Puppy School with flying colours and just last month graduated from Adolescents Training.

Whenever someone in the house is unwell she is right by their side.

She is now Toilet trained and just loves travelling.

We brought her a ‘Swimming Pool’ last month as she loves the water.

At night she loves a paw massage and tummy rub.

She goes to sleep on the end of our bed and every morning when I wake up she’s on my pillow.

She is not a big fan of the hot weather and as we’re headed to QLD for Christmas she is going for a holiday at Grandma’s where she visits at least every second day.

We couldn’t imagine life without our little girl.

I have no idea how you breed such an amazing baby girl. My husbands never been a big ‘poodle cross’ fan but it’s quite funny when I get home and ask what’s for dinner and he says ‘Amy and I were having quality time, Sorry’.

I’m attached some photo’s for you too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Amanda. Les, Jai, Missy & Amy Burnes

Amanda. Les, Jai, Missy & Amy Burnes

Danny reed.jpg

Thank you for taking the time to take the photos and sending them through.
Our old dog was one of Jess’s pups from April 2000, see attached photo.

Danny Reedy

cavoodle web.JPG

I wanted to send you some photos of the little puppy which I picked up from you when you returned from new york, he was born on the 4th July.  I have called him Alfie and he is 14 weeks old today.  

He is a real treasure and he is the most beautiful puppy I have come across for a long time, so obedient and his sweet kind nature is gorgeous.  He loves people and can't get enough cuddles from anyone who is around.  

Kindest Regards,



Hi Julianne a photo of Chester now 4.
Best dog in the world 💕

Betty Betihavas

Puppies playing 2[86557].JPG

Hi there Julianne,
Thanks so much for the buddle of joy. She is fitting in so well and plays really well with our weimaraner. 
I will send some more pics in a bit. 



No words just happy pics

Luke C


Lucy is going along beautifully,  a lovely little personality. Fantastic appetite,  not fussy at all. Favorite is chicken necks,  My Dog, beef mince and an egg a couple of times a week.

Enjoys walks, although I would like to be doing more except for the foul weather we have been having lately. Walks well on an extender lead and very outgoing when she meets people and other dogs.

Back to the vet on 6th August to start her heartworm etc. Am looking forward to the weigh in........ 

How is the little one going in Adelaide,  have you heard?



We got two puppies from you last year in December.  They are an absolute joy and bring much happiness.  We often hear they are the best "puppies" ever! :)

Here are some pics of how well they adapted.

Thank you!!  Especially for your initial support!




Before and after photos. She looks gorgeous with the most beautiful face. She has the loveliest coat, and it's a really pretty colour.



I have attached a picture of my spoodle Eva. She is such a happy, loving dog. She loves the water and we have regular play dates with other spoodles at the beach.


Elise brooks.jpeg

She is going really well. She has settled in and loves being in the back yard rather then in the house which is great. She loves my son. We have her booked in for puppy preschool in 2 weeks.

Elise B.

Leah Hutton.JPG

Hi Here I am with my grand mum. When my mum has to go to work I get looked after by my gran mum and my mate Rambo we have lots of fun playing then I go home to sleep as we run and play lots and I do get very tired. I am now registered and can't have puppies. I will send more photos later I love my home and meet lots of new friends Mum thinks I am very social with both 2 legged friends and 4 legged friends. Take care and will talk again,



Hi Mum its me Baillie I am very excited that I am getting a new playmate, has my new friend been born yet? Look forward to hearing from you. Thought I would send you a new photo of me just after me seeing Julie who baths me and trims me and generally makes me look beautiful. Thanks Mum lots of love X



That's so exciting you have a litter on the way. You asked for a photo, here is my little girl, bell bell. She's tiny at almost 3 kg. she is the happiest girl, always saying hello to everyone, no fear and runs the house.

We lost our big boy a yr ago and it's time for another.  I'm hoping for a small one like her.


bue knight.jpeg

I am a very happy boy I know lost of tricks and I never do anything wrong , have a lovely Christmas,

Love Beau knight

Beau knight xx ( and Linda)


Hi, I would just like to let you know that Gracie is going really well. She is a fantastic pup and has me completely wrapped around her little paw. I never thought I would become this attached to her. She is a gorgeous girl and incredibly smart.

There was a reason why she was left to last, she was meant to be with me. She has completely stolen my heart. Thankyou so much for allowing it to happen.


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