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Groodle Puppies For Sale

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We Will Find The Right Toy Buddy for You as We Have Groodle Puppies for Sale

Why not view our Groodle puppies for sale now? We have the loveliest Goldendoodle or Groodle pups ready at present - or soon - to go to their new homes. These cross- or hybrid-breed dogs are a mix between the poodle and golden retriever. They are generally bred in three size varieties - depending on the dimension of the parent poodle - toy, miniature or standard. This new breed was developed to be therapy-, assistance- and guide dogs in the 1990s. They have since become popular family companions, and you will love their sweet faces.

Image by Jay Wennington
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Image by Jay Wennington

What You Should Know About Our Groodle Puppy for Sale in Victoria

Our miniature poodle and golden retriever cross has a low shedding rate, which is a bonus if you have an allergic family member. The breed is active, requires regular medium-level exercise, and needs to be groomed and clipped to look and feel their best.

  • Our Groodle puppies for sale in Vic grow up on our farm until you take them home. They play with some of our farm animals, each other, adults, and children, ensuring that they are friendly and well-socialised. Our pups enjoy a happy, comfortable life with plenty of exciting activities and opportunities to explore.

  • You will have an affectionate, gentle, intelligent, and distinguished best mate with a playful and exuberant personality if you pick a Groodle. The breed responds well to obedience and other training, which prevents them from becoming a little too self-important.

  • Groodles suit humans who want a responsive, bright, friendly dog that learns quickly and loves to play with children of all ages. They turn into well-behaved, admirable family pets when correctly instructed.

Our Groodle puppies for sale in Victoria have thick, curly, red, black, cream, or golden coats and may have an 11 to 15-year lifespan. The toy or miniature Goldendoodle ranges between 33 and 51 centimetres high and weighs between 7 and 16 kilograms. A small standard may reach 44 to 51 centimetres in height and weigh 18 to 22 kilograms. 

Image by Jay Wennington

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Groodle Puppies for Sale in NSW?

We have all our pups checked by a vet, C4 and C21 vaccinated, dewormed at two-, four- and six weeks, and before they leave, flea bathed and micro-chipped. You can take your chosen friend home at eight weeks or older. 

  • We will discuss the appropriate flea prevention products and feeding regime with you. We suggest that you feed your new whelp puppy biscuits with chicken or mince three to four times daily and provide clean water at all times. Chewing on a bulky bone helps to develop their teeth.

  • Toilet train your new companion consistently and patiently. Consult a professional trainer if you struggle or ask us to recommend reading material to assist. It is a good idea to keep your local vet’s details handy.

  • We deliver your puppies interstate at your cost. Territory and state governments are primarily responsible for animal welfare in Australia. You can obtain the details from the relevant department.

We take excellent care of your pup’s needs from day one, with vigilance and love. We ensure that we find the right home and human for our Groodle puppy for sale in NSW because we are devoted to our animals. Let us help you find the dog that suits you or advise where else you may meet each other. 

Image by Jay Wennington

When Buying Groodle Puppies for Sale in QLD, Consider This

You want to purchase your four-legged friend from a good breeder who is honest, trustworthy, reputable, and knows the characteristics of a well-bred dog. 

  • Ensure that your breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and asks questions about you, your family situation and your lifestyle. They ought to ascertain whether you are a responsible, compassionate owner.

  • The dog’s mouth must be healthy - with fresh breath - and the ears clean and odour-free. A shiny, clean coat is a good sign. 

  • They should have regular bowel and bladder movements, and their weight ought to be consistently lean. Your dog should be interested, engaged, and alert. If not, you may want to take them to the vet. 

  • A well-adjusted Groodle puppy for sale is not destructive when grown. A happy dog has a relaxed body and eyes, floppy ears, leans into you, is playful, and has a high, wagging tail. 

  • Several experienced, dog-loving people work with us on our farm. They care for every animal well to make sure each is safe and handled with warmth and compassion. Veterinarian nurses visit us regularly to check on our dogs. 

A good Groodle for sale in NSW breeder will be concerned about their animals throughout their lives, provide references or testimonials plus all the information you require. 

Image by Jay Wennington

Why Trust Toy Puppies are Us Regarding a Groodle for Sale in Victoria?

We are passionate about ethical breeding and caring for our dogs. We uphold all the rules and regulations, ensuring all our pups and their parents are healthy and in high spirits. 

  • We never stop learning about what dogs require to be in good physical shape, well-adjusted, and happy. As reliable breeders who love our dogs, we focus on the improvement of the breeds. We ensure that our pups have received all required preventative medical care before you adopt.

  • We choose conscientious buyers according to strict criteria and take responsibility for the dogs we produce. We do not sell unless we can match our dogs to a good home.

  • We want the best for every one of our dogs. We do not wish them shuffled from one place to another, alone and lost on the streets, or in the pound. Talk to us if you are willing to give one of our unique, beautiful pups the secure, loving home they deserve. 

Contact us via email, telephone, or complete the online form. 

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