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Spoodle Puppies For Sale

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We’re a Reputable Breeder With Spoodle Puppies for Sale

Are you looking for your ideal companion, but can’t decide on a breed? Toy Puppies Are Us purposefully selects breeds to create a new bloodline that possesses the most desirable traits for the ultimate canine. Our spoodle puppies for sale combines the aesthetic, physical, and mental benefits into one cute spoodle pup.

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What You Should Know About Spoodle Puppies for Sale in NSW

Dog breeders have earned a bad reputation thanks to irresponsible and unethical backyard breeders. We differentiate ourselves by providing adequate love and care into our practice, to produce healthy bloodlines for our clients. 

  • Breeding selectively allows us to preserve, remove, or produce specific physical and mental characteristics, health conditions, and aptitudes. Performed under natural conditions, our breeding produces puppies that portray desired traits while also removing unwanted genetic features. Reinforcing specific skill sets through selective breeding can also benefit society as a whole. From police dogs to Seeing Eye dogs, and companion dogs, we understand how to positively improve the traits of Spaniel and Poodle breeds to offer quality spoodle puppies for sale in Vic

  • While preserving the favourable traits of the animal, creating new breeds of dogs can fulfil society’s evolving canine requirements. The demand for hypoallergenic breeds with friendly natures and tolerance for children prompted the breeding of two different breeds to combine their favourable traits. Often referred to as designer dogs, these emerging breeds are popular among individuals with smaller homes who may have been unable to previously keep a dog, as they are relatively low maintenance while providing the necessary companionship to their owners. 

  • While nature focuses on evolution, ethical breeders have their ways of pushing the limits and taking advantage of beneficial canine traits. While many breeders focus solely on aesthetic benefits, we consider all genetic traits to avoid health problems in the animals. Our selective breeding doesn’t only improve a specific breed but also creates a new breed that encompasses unique skills and personalities that potential dog owners require. Our trusted breeding techniques can increase the animal’s intelligence and physical ability, and in many cases, rule out previous health concerns of a specific breed. 

  • Many breeders have a reputation for creating unnatural, unhealthy breeds. However, we are quite the opposite. Through thorough research and development, we’ve done our utmost to eliminate undesirable characteristics from our bloodlines such as allergies and joint dysplasia, while improving temperaments to create a healthy and happy breed of dog. While creating the ideal breed may take a few generations to perfect, we have dedicated our time to an ethical profession. 

  • As a reputable breeder, we aim to provide everyone with healthy animals that suit distinct requirements. People who buy from breeders have most likely researched their ideal type of dog which is why we strive to offer you a disease-free spoodle puppy for sale that meets your criteria. You can rest assured knowing that we have provided suitable lineage for all of our puppies while being bred in a healthy environment. 

  • Many breeds of dogs are disappearing due to people losing interest and our changing lifestyles that do not require certain breeds anymore. Without reputable breeders, many breeds would cease to exist. While many would argue that it’s the evolution of life, it’s amazing to think that some breeders keep a specific type of dog alive through their breeding programmes. 


Fun Facts About Our Spoodle Puppy for Sale in NSW

Big round eyes and curly locks – can you resist the cuteness of our spoodle puppies for sale in QLD? With so many variants available, you’re guaranteed to find your ideal spoodle puppy at Toy Puppies Are Us. 

  • Our spoodles are medium-sized, semi-longhaired dogs with colours ranging from cream to light brown to deep golden beige. Ideal spoodles possess the intelligence of the traditional Poodle combined with the devoted temperament of the cocker spaniel. Many of our previous clients report friendly and lovable natures combined with loyal, outgoing temperaments. 

  • Our various bloodlines reap the benefits of the hybrid combination. With no reported health issues, choosing our spoodle for sale in Victoria provides you with an animal that requires minimal maintenance. Daily grooming takes between five to 15 minutes, with a more professional groom required every few months. 

  • Our spoodles adapt well to a small to medium garden, however, their enormous energy may require regular walks in the park to burn off the extra vigour. This boundless enthusiasm paired with their intelligence makes them excellent candidates for training for high-level commands. 

  • A spoodle is not ideal for a poser, nor is it intended as an outdoor-only dog. Our spoodles adore humans and thrive on attention. They enjoy family activities while getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. 


What You Can Expect From Us Regarding a Spoodle For Sale in NSW

Choosing the right dog for you is an important decision, as this is a family member that will be part of your life for years. Just as important is working with an ethical breeder who can not only provide advice throughout your purchase process but offer after-sales support for a harmonious relationship. 

  • We are extremely knowledgeable about each of our breeds and follow national and international standards for ethical breeding. We can answer any questions you may have regarding a breed’s temperament, history, and bloodline. We understand each original breed, what environment they need, and the best nutrition for your animal. 

  • As a breeder, we care about our animals while in our care and ensure that each of our canines goes to a capable and loving home.  We may enquire about your lifestyle, living and family situation, and your future plan for your potential new pet. We ascertain whether each prospective parent can adequately care for the animal before conducting home checks. To us, a dog isn’t just a product, it’s a living creature that deserves a good home. 

  • We operate on a transparent policy where we provide records on each puppy’s parents if required. We are always willing to show prospective puppy-parents the environment in which we raise our animals, as well as divulge any information you should know about a specific breed. 

  • As a reputable breeder, we require parents-to-be to sign a contract before purchasing one of our puppies. The contract includes our guarantee of the puppy’s health, as well as their immunisation and deworming record. Each contract includes requirements for the new parents to follow regarding shelter and feeding as well as other provisions to ensure your new puppy receives the sufficient care it requires. 

  •  We pride ourselves on our open communication, and always avail ourselves to offer advice on owning one of our spoodle puppies for sale in Victoria. We are always willing to stay in contact with our fur-parents even after the puppy has left our care, and love to see them grow up in their loving homes. 


Why Trust Toy Puppies Are Us Regarding a Spoodle Puppy For Sale in Victoria

Almost three decades of industry experience enables us to pair each unique puppy to the perfect family. For a reputable spoodle for sale in Queenslandcontact us.

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