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Moodle Puppies For Sale

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A History of Moodle Puppies for Sale

For a best friend for your child or a new companion for yourself, our Moodle puppies for sale are the ideal friend that you need. The Maltipoo or Moodle puppy for sale in Australia comes from a mixture of Maltese and Miniature Poodle dogs. These dogs often feel incredibly soft and fluffy, and they shed little to no hair at all. The Moodle is not an actual dog breed just yet, however, there is a club dedicated to the love of this breed.

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Fast Facts About Moodle Puppies for Sale in NSW

The ideal home for a Moodle puppy for sale in NSW can range between a big house with a giant garden or a small house with a tiny garden. Always remember the bigger the garden, the more your puppy will want a friend to play with. 

  • A Moodle for sale in QLD is extremely low maintenance. The breeds used for this mix do not normally shed a lot of fur, so the Moodle seems to be the same. There have been reports where some Moodles shed; however, the amount is not that of a Husky. 

  • The average lifespan of a Moodle ranges between ten and 15 years, around the same lifespan of the average dog breed. 

  • The Moodle is known for being extremely affectionate, loving, caring and playful. If you are getting a Moodle for a preteen or teen, your puppy will thrive in the playful, energetic environment. 

  • Although there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs, the Moodle is close to being partly hypoallergenic. Since being a mix with a Poodle, a dog known to be hypoallergenic, the Moodle is a good runner up. With little to no shedding of fur, you will find the Moodle doesn’t cause as many allergies as expected. 


What You Can Expect From Moodle Puppies for Sale in QLD

To completely understand the Moodle puppy, we break down the temperaments of the Maltese and the Poodle. Our Moodle for sale in Victoria is fun-loving puppies, perfect for playtime and cuddles on the couch. 

  • The Maltese are small dogs that have long, straight fur. They are incredibly affectionate and very loyal dogs. The Maltese is the ideal breed for somebody looking for a lap dog; they tend to form a close attachment to their owners and may develop separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. These dogs are easy to train and get along very well with children. 

  • Poodles are dogs that thrive on stimulation and training. There are three different types of poodles; however, the Poodle mixed with the Maltese to get a Moodle is usually the miniature or toy poodle. 

  • From the Maltese and the Poodle, the Maltipoo or Moodle is a combination of loving and playful dogs. They love attention and do very well with the proper training. Since the two types of dogs aren’t that different, the temperament and personalities will remain well balanced. 


Tips Regarding Moodle Puppies For Sale in Victoria

The tips we have for our moodle puppies for sale in Vic are the same as our care tips for all other animals too. Animals need clean environments and frequent grooming along with the playtime and affection you give them. The moodle we have for sale in NSW is no different from the pup you may find in the street, aside from the breeding and the good genetics we have chosen, the love and care needed is the same. 

  • With these little balls of fluff, you will find they often get tear stains. These tears are not necessarily from actual crying, however, the substances found in the tears tend to stain the fur. You can use an organic, alcohol-free wet wipe to wipe away any tear streaks to avoid it staining their fur. 

  • Fleas are something that you need to eliminate quickly and effectively. Fleas can cause major skin issues for you and your dogs. There are so many different products available however not all products work on all dogs. The powder is perfect for short hair dogs because you do not need to brush it in, but to brush in powder on your Moodle can be a task and a half. 

  • All puppies have different tummies. Just like children, they can’t all handle the same diet. We suggest puppies have their biscuits, and you can incorporate mince or chicken with it. Big bones are ideal for puppies to chew on as this will help with healthy teeth and gums. 

  • Consider training your puppies as early as possible. This will lead to them building healthy habits and good behaviour. Naughty dogs tend to act out and chew on things around the house. You might find with puppies teething, they will start chewing on the legs of couches and chairs, big bones, and the right training will teach them not to do this. 

If you are getting a puppy that has lots of fur, even one like a Moodle that doesn’t shed, you must brush them daily. This will avoid knots and tangles in their fur, which may also cause skin issues at a later stage. 


What You Should Know About Moodle Puppies for Sale in Canberra

With dog breeds, there are always chances of illnesses and other conditions. We choose the healthiest dogs for breeding to have a perfectly healthy Moodle puppy available for sale in Victoria; however, we can’t avoid everything. The most common conditions in Moodle puppies are as follows: 

  • Epilepsy is quite a common condition found in Poodle, and it’s usually genetic. This is a neurological disorder that may cause seizures in the brain, which results in dizziness, fainting and unusual behaviour. The treatment for epilepsy in dogs is very vast and you will not have to see your dog suffer. There is medication available that lessen the seizures and helps your dog lead a happy and long life. 

  • Patellar Luxation is when the bones of the patella, or kneecap, do not align correctly. In minor cases, your dog will be perfectly fine and will have minor pain after running around, however, if the case is severe your dog will have to go for surgery. 

  • PSS, or known as Portosystemic Shunt of the Liver, forms between a portal vein and one of the offshoots or another vein. This causes the blood to bypass or “shunt” the liver. Your dog will need surgery if they develop PSS. 

  • An eye condition known as Progressive Retinal Atrophy is common in miniature or toy Poodles. This is a slow deterioration of the retina which first starts as night blindness and eventually complete blindness. Most dogs adapt very easily to this condition and live normal lives. 

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Why Trust Toy Puppies Are Us

At Toy Puppies Are Us, we care for all our animals in the most ethically and lovingly way possible. We adhere to all breeding rules and regulations. Over 20 years ago, we started sharing our love for animals all over Australia, our staff are talented and experienced in their perspective fields, and we employ high standard veterinarian nurses for all check-ups and treatments. 

Our puppies stay with their mommies up until eight weeks old and have their deworming, vaccination, micro-chipping, flea baths and last vet check before handing over to you. The vaccination for puppies is the C4 which also includes kennel cough and the C2I. 

Contact us today for any further queries! 

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