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Bichoodle Puppies For Sale

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Oodles of Bichoodle Puppies for Sale

The demand for miniature dog breeds in Australia is enormous. Don’t bark up the wrong tree when deciding on your furry bundle of joy. At Toy Puppies Are Us, we help you find the perfect fit with one of our adorable and healthy bichoodle puppies for sale.

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Bichoodle Puppies for Sale in NSW and Beyond

A bichoodle is a Bichon Frise Poodle mix. We have bichoodle puppies for sale in NSW, where we are situated. We also advise delivering your beloved puppy home in NSW, Canberra, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Get to know more about your cuddly cutie regarding: 

  • Temperament. Bichoodles are playful, intelligent, and sociable dogs that adore their human and attention. They enjoy doing anything or nothing, but it has to be with you. This breed is also a superb choice for a family dog since it gets along well with children and is easily trained. 

  • Lifespan and Size. The average lifespan ranges from twelve to eighteen years. They can weigh up to eight kilograms and reach a height of thirty-five centimetres. 

  • Grooming. Thanks to their parent mix, they have thick, curly coats, sometimes prone to knots. A daily brush will smooth out problems, providing another attention-giving opportunity. We recommend a trim every six to eight weeks. They don’t shed much, if at all. 

Enjoy a Doggy Day Out

If you are looking for a bichoodle puppy for sale but pictures aren’t enough, play with one at our Doggy Day Out events. On our property covering hundreds of acres, you and your puppy-to-be can come face to face and leave together if the love is mutual. Our experienced staff will also give more information regarding: 

  • Pedigree. If you love someone, you want to know everything about them. The same should apply when choosing a dog. Learn more about the origin and background of bichoodles and the other breeds we offer. We promise not to bore you with a long history lesson. 

  • Feeding. Because they are so adorable, we often spoil our pets with way too many or unhealthy treats. Proper food and portion size, depending on the age of the dog, are vital. 

  • Exercise. Play, walk or run with your dog for at least thirty minutes every day. We provide other exercise tips, as well as advice about training your puppy. 


About Toy Puppies Are Us

We are a family-owned business besotted with dogs. After thirty years of service, we are increasingly proud of our reputation as breeders who value ethical practices. Groodles, cavoodles, moodle or spoodles, we have them all. Our veterinary nurses do regular checks on our wide range of small breeds, and to us, every puppy is the favourite. Every bichoodle puppy for sale is vaccinated, micro-chipped, and flea bathed. They may move to their new home when they are eight weeks or older. We follow the rules to ensure all our animals are healthy and happy. 

Contact us for more advice or to arrange a play date. 

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